Monday, May 25, 2009

Install performance Point 2007 on Windows 2003 SP2

I faced this problem while installing performance Point on a Virtual Environment that has windows 2003 Service Pack 2 installed

to do this you need to execute the following command in your Run prompt

msiexec /i PscSrv.msi SKIPOSCHECK=true


Installing PerformancePoint Monitoring Server on a Domain Controller

1. If you are using a domain account, you must add it to the Administrators and IIS_WPG groups before installing the Monitoring Server. You don’t need to do this if using Network Service (recommended).

2. To add a domain account to the appropriate groups: Use Start\Administrators\Active Directory Users and Computers:

a. Add it to the Domain Administrators group Add it to the IIS_WPG group

3. Install the Monitoring server MSI using this command line:

a. msiexec /i PscSrv.msi SKIPOSCHECK=true

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